Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Latest Fashion Trends

It's exciting times at Wilma & Winston. The shop is getting more product in that is tickling the fancy of the latest fashion trends and new fashion trends.

People are demanding individuality, set-out from the rest. Vicky's been working so hard on finding, re-engineering pieces and making brand new pieces for our customers that it's generating a beautiful little following.

It's taking the fashion trends that have started in 2011 and pushing them to unique pieces and affordability.

It's not just vintage clothes anymore at Wilma & Winston it's some handmade, customised, absolute unique pieces too.

The success of the store is evident. In December we had over 19,000 page hits! Wooo! That's really special and we realised quickly that people were liking what was going on.

Just one of our plans for 2011 is going to be evident in the next two weeks and it will all help to take Wilma & Winston up another level.

Vicky's put some clothes in store now, have a little look and see if there's anything there for you!

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