Sunday, 19 December 2010

Wilma & Winston's Christmas!

Hi All,

We're in the throws of a wintry, snowy, cold winter here!

It's such fun.

We went sledging last night in the dark, it was brilliant. The lights of Christmas looked stunning over the town and the little houses dotted around this big hill in the centre of town we sledge down looked like picture postcards as people huddled in the orange glow of their houses.

While the orange glow of warm houses and the visceral glow of lights from the illuminations around us flickered and shone we sledged to sub zero glory!

Wilma & Winston is in its twentieth week since opening and it's been a blur! We've had some amazing feedback with some stunning customers coming to visit us.

We've sold great products and have now sourced some similar great products. We've got some super ideas for the future too, look out...

We want it all these plans to happen NOW but alas we've got regular jobs to hold down too so we're working hard to deliver all this. It's exciting, new and fresh. Last month we hit a little under 20,000 people visiting Wilma & Winston's shop! Amazing!

It's nice and snowy, it's nice and cold outside but it's lovely and warm at Wilma & Winston thanks to you beautiful people!

Click up the shop on the box to the left or in the tab above.

Alternatively you can click here

Wilma's blog can be reached through here too.

Picture of me & the hill in the snow below! Woo! x

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Stand and stare

A poor life this if we have no time to stand and stare.

W H Davies - Leisure

Engagement ring

Little beautiful Vicky received her engagement ring last week! We'd been waiting for it to be made.

Getting a ring made was almost certainly the safest option - why not give the girl what she wants! Yeah it costs a bit more and it's a bit of extra time to wait but the way I see it is that it is well worth the extra effort.

I have tried my best to get Vicky something that she would want to wear hopefully for all her life. In the future I may become richer or I may become poorer but right now I did my best for the girl I love deeply.


Saturday, 4 December 2010

Wilma & Winston clothing store

Wilma & Winston is a clothing store that is amazing. I work in it somedays too.

I think your little eye buds will love the pieces on show. It's run by a beautiful little flower called Vicky. Vicky is a dancer, teacher, fiance, little gorgeous bean and is running this very new (at the time of writing), very stylised blog and shop.

It has been very popular since starting in August 2010 and that's a testament to Vicky's hard work and the beautiful people that come by, browse, get in touch and, if they want to, buy something they like the look of.

We have had some amazing comments from people that drop by - we'd love you to drop by too!

Come say hi at Wilma & Winston at the blog or the Wilma & Winston shop.

Shinya Kimura motorbikes

A short film by Henrik Hansen on Shinya Kimura at Chabbot Engineering. from Henrik Hansen on Vimeo.

I love that these machines are unique and that someone patiently designs and pieces together these fantastic creations.

There is something within me that would also like to be to be able to do something like this. It's not just the skills needed to do something like this but also the object created is a motorbike - a machine that suggests at freedom.

To see and hear the engine being kick started and the flames spew from the guts of the machine. To see a man sit on the bike and launch himself down a clear road to rip the engine in.